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Our Eco Promise


Our Eco Promise

Our natural environment is the inspiration for all Serendipity products. 

That’s why we are committed to respecting and safeguarding it in all of our business practices.

We start by making all of our liquid formulations, bath crystals and shea butter soaps locally.  Not only does that cut down on our carbon footprint but it also helps to economically support our local community.  Our formulations are free of sulphates, parabens, DEA, TEA, mineral oils and artificial colours.  We never test our products on animals, nor do we work with labs that do.

Eighty-six percent of our packaging is made from recyclable materials and our plastic tubes all contain EcoPure, an organic plastic additive that helps to aid in biodegradation.  EcoPure does not effect the recycling stream, so we encourage our customers to please always recycle.  To learn more about the science behind EcoPure please visit www.goecopure.com

We are proud to partner with the Carbon Reduction Institute in an effort to reduce our carbon output and offset the carbon we do produce by investing in wind farming and other green energy technologies. 

Our headquarters in Port Melbourne were specially designed to maximise available daylight, reducing our need for heating and artificial lighting.  We’ve installed energy efficient fluorescent and LED lighting in our office and retrofit our warehouse lighting fixtures to accommodate LED bulbs. Our office windows open, reducing our reliance on air conditioning.  We use 50% recycled paper for printing and vigilantly recycle paper and cardboard waste.  We recycle superseded technology as well as all Australia Post packaging.

We have selected Australia Post as our freight partner because of their excellent service, low rates and commitment to the environment.  Australia Post have set two key environmental targets to achieve by 2020: reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25%, and enable the reuse and recycling of 100,000 tonnes of material. They are also improving their transport network by shifting to fuel efficient vehicles, electric bikes, electric vehicles, and instituting fuel reduction programs. Introducing the Planet Ark Australian Recycling Label in 2016 has made it easier for Australians to recycle Aus Post packaging, regardless of their location and kerbside recycling processes. Serendipity Skin Care is proud to be part of the Mailing Satchel Recycling Program: www.arl.org.au/auspost

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