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Australian made hand sanitiser with 70% alcohol from natural sources and lemon myrtle oil

Never before have we as a community been more aware of our ability to spread germs. While hand sanitisers have been around for decades, before the Covid-19 pandemic they tended to only make appearances at medical facilities, on airplanes and in the winter months. Now, as we all seek to protector ourselves and those around us, the simply sanitiser has become a constant necessity.

Produced in Melbourne, our new sanitising gel features a formulation with 70% alcohol derived from natural cane sugar. Pure lemon myrtle oil has also been added for its natural antibacterial properties and to help offset the strong, medicinal scent associated with hand sanitisers.

To ensure you can sanitise whenever and wherever, we've packed 4 x 50ml hand sanitiser bottles into a reusable, white mesh zippered bag. Perfect for your car, purse, office and home, or to give out to your family and friends, our Serendipity sanitisers are an affordable and effective way to stay safe.

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