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The ancient appeal of avocado oil

Academy Award winning actress and cover model Lupita Nyong’o has called the oil of the humble avocado her “one-stop-shop” for beautiful skin. That’s a ringing endorsement from People magazine’s former Most Beautiful Woman, but she’s hardly the first to recognize the multiple skin benefits that can be derived from the little green fruit Australians love to smash at their weekend brunches.

History tells us the ancient Aztecs of Central America shielded their skin from the hot sun and dry wind by using avocado oil as a natural, soothing moisturizer.  It seems only fitting that the group that also invented guacamole 500 years ago would capitalise on the avocado’s full skin care potential. 

Centuries later, avocado oil is still a no-brainer for commercial skin care because of its excellent ability to trap moisture in the skin.  A terrific emollient, it contains fatty acids, which boost skin elasticity and promote a more plumb and youthful appearance. Rich in vitamins B and E, avocado oil also adds shine to hair follicles without weighing them down.  And with Australians growing nearly 66,000 tonnes of avocados annually, this valuable yet readily available oil, is the perfect local ingredient to enhance home-grown skin care. 

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