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Why we love natural sponges

For people passionate about a skin care routine centred on natural products, sea sponges offer the chance to soap up and scrub down with a product manufactured by Mother Nature herself. Since sponges are able to grow back after they’re harvested, they can be considered a sustainable resource.  Also, the harvesting process isn't believed to involve chemicals or by-products that damage the environment, so from an eco standpoint, they’re a win-win.    

Natural sea wool sponges can be funky in shape, size and colour, depending on the mix of minerals in the water where they were grown. Regardless of their appearance though, the sponges are naturally hypoallergenic and biodegradable. 

Artificial sponges are usually much less expense than their natural counterparts because they can be mass produced from inexpensive, synthetic materials. However, many of those materials can be too abrasive for some skin types. Extremely dry or oily skin can be harmed by harsh scrubbing, so a soft cleansing tool such as a sponge is more highly recommended.     

The final benefit of a natural sea wool sponge is its, well, naturally beauty. Offering unique shapes and textures, authentic sponges are a favourite decorating element in chic bathrooms around the world. They add a touch of luxury that you simply can’t squeeze out of something artificial. 

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